Survivor One World Episode 10 Thoughts

Survivor: Troyzan Island is back!

After losing HIS Island (which really actually belongs to the people of Samoa) to Kim, Troyzan comes back, declares war on everybody when he is the primary target of the game and rubs it in so that the ONLY way Troyzan makes the endgame is if he wins just about every single Immunity.  Let’s not forget that all this drama was pretty much self created by Troyzan himself the way he blew up his guy’s alliance voting off Jonas then doubled up on the FAIL by voting off Mike. Let us never forget Troyzan’s crazed rant about how much he “hates” Mike!

So this isn’t very inspiring for me the way it seems to be for some. This whole episode, nobody really comported themselves with any grace. Not Sabrina, not Chelsea and certainly not Troyzan. Apparently when Troyzan is going after Mike it’s okay because he “hates” that guy but when people target Troyzan, they are FUCKING with him!

Matter of fact this needs to be pointed out that this edit reminded me and a few others of a very similar edit, that of Survivor Exile Island (Panama) contestant Terry Dietz. Terry was cast as a sort of Tom Westman 2.0 and yet never found the fanbase support Tom did, mainly because he came across as contentious and the downfall of his tribe was in large part due to his leadership and lack of foresight.











I read a bit in the last book in the so called Game of Thrones series (Game of Thrones is the first book in a series called A Song of Ice and Fire but everybody calls it Game of Thrones). Anyway an elderly character, Maester Pycelle is commenting how some incident reminds him of another incident years ago and another character muses that at some point you get so old everything reminds you of something else.

This is how Survivor often is for myself and the True Fans who have watched so many seasons. Makes sense, same Production, same host, same themes in editing. As this whole episode was going down I kept waiting for Aras Baskouskas to pop in and tell Troyzan somebody needs to call the Whambulance!

Kudos to everybody who got that reference.

Maybe I should also be making Pappa Bear references what with Troy pretending to find an idol much like Pappa Bear did just last season.

Listen, what Troyzan accomplished this episode was not easy. Many people crack under pressure and make no mistake about it, this guy has been a fan of the show since season 1, he reads Twitter, the message boards, etc. it would MURDER him to go out this early in a game he feels he was destined to play and possibly win. The intense pressure of knowing you HAVE to win is often when people fail. Take Ozzy, so great last season during all his Redemption Islands wins and yet he was undone in the challenge he needed most. Curious note though that this contained a redux of a challenge Troyzan won for his tribe.

You think they wanted him to win or what? Not that Production would ever EVER rig things so they run a particular challenge to favor a particular player. Why that would just be…manipulative! Kidding aside, he sure got lucky they ran this one.

Watch, next we’ll get a redux of the Balls on Dick Disc challenge he won.

You never know though maybe @TimLamaster is correct and they’ll run that floatation/pontoon challenge they ran in Panama that ended up being Terry’s ultimate undoing.

So while Troyzan displayed some amazing focus, I just couldn’t shake the feeling that had he played smarter not harder, he wouldn’t be in the position he’s in. Playing Hard is great and all but there have been countless players to play Hard who went home while there have been only smart players to win (save for Fabio, 1 in 24 ain’t bad!)

I was happy for him when he won Immunity and then immediately wondered what the fuck he was doing running around cursing at people when geez, Troyzan, didn’t you have a hand in voting other people who wanted to win out of this game? I do seem to remember past Tribal Council’s where people who thought you were with them were blindsided by you vote.


Hypocrisy and Survivor do indeed go hand in hand. I mean, you are going to screw EVERYBODY over in order to win regardless of how good a person you are!


So good job on the effort but this could have gone a whole lot more smoothly all things considered from destroying the better of his alliance possibilities to voting out people who held 0 power in the game but could have been a vote on his side to braying like a high school football player who just made a decent play.

If ever there was an episode that made me realize I could dislike everybody left yet still enjoy a season, this was it.

Sabrina has been my girl since episode 1. I’ve been a huge supporter. This episode found her needlessly taunting and reacting to the guy they most want out and the guy who KNOWS he is the one they most want out.

It seemed foolish to even bother. All Sabrina served to do was make herself look petty and fire up Troyzan even more. As far as ultimate gameplay goes, it’s nice when you have one person for everybody to gang up on but really lame to put yourself out there when all you need to do is leave them be, maybe even soften them up a bit.

The antagonism was painful to watch.

I suppose the truth is that Sabrina is just as starved and dehydrated out there, even if they do have a seemingly endless supply of water, but still this many days in perhaps her nerves had started to fray as well or perhaps she just never had the experience of a 50 year old Mullet headed photographer running around cursing at her.

Very Shii-Ann of Troyzan!

Meanwhile, out of nowhere, Kat suddenly decided she had a lot of say in this game which is good because I’ve felt she had a plan here all along but it hasn’t really been featured. It now seems apparent that the reason is she is 4th behind the Big Three of Chelsea/Kim/Sabrina so there is only so much edit time that can be dedicated to the women’s alliance.

Kim – Calculating Leader

Chelsea – Emotional Second In Command

Sabrina – Strong, even keeled number 3

Kat – 4th in this equation.

Not the stuff of great edits. I found Kat’s frustration during the food auction to be fairly hilarious. Something tells me ole’ Kat here hasn’t gone without too many meals in her life. Even better was at the end, after spending her money, she’s telling Christina how to bid.

Considering the rules of the game, Probst should have stopped that shit right there (no pooling should = no ganging up) and Christina should have said “you spent your money, don’t tell me what to do with mine” but that wouldn’t be Christina I suppose. She seemed fiery and all that but now has morphed into a somewhat useless mute.

Maybe Useless Mute is her best strategy?

Kat though, she continues with the strategic talk later on, seemingly really disturbed. I don’t get why Kat is suddenly worked up over things and in such a crappy mood.

I prefer smiling and dumb Kat vs angry and manipulative Kat and yet it’s probably angry manipulative Kat that will get her further in the game.

Random thought – who knew that the last 2 remaining men left in the game would be the ‘Zans?

Random thought – how much was Probst shitting himself over having a naked women (okay, in a towel) eating peanut butter and chocolate?

Random thought – maybe so many people HATED Jenna winning Survivor: Amazon because her stripping for peanut butter and chocolate was the opposite of inspiring unless you’re watching the Playboy channel?

Random thought – Leif must have known he was next to go if Troyzan won Immunity or why ELSE would he have painted his face like a skeleton representing a dead man? There had to be more to his makeup than we were told but hey we never got much from Leif as it was.

Random Thought – Tarzan washing Leif’s face like a dad would wash a child’s face was… I don’t know! Was it amusing? Was it funny? Was it offputting and weird? I’m going with offputting and weird.

Most episodes, when somebody gets voted out, they AT LEAST get some confessional time. Did Leif even get ONE confessional this episode? That may be the worst boot episode ever! Deserved though. He had no game instincts whatsoever and never did manage to perform in challenges despite being in decent physical shape aside from being a Little Person.

That is the men’s game it seems overall: Underwhelming.

Seriously, just look at what we have left!

Tarzan who sucks, is clueless and is there because he is the weakest of the guys.

Troyzan who boxed himself into a corner and needs to fight his way out.

At Tribal Council, Chelsea made an interesting point that flew over Troyzan’s head and that point was this: Sure you may get the numbers if you win Immunity but if you DON’T win Immunity, those very numbers you feel so secure with will vote you out in a heartbeat.

Does anybody left REALLY want Troyzan to get to the end?


So Chelsea was right, she was spot on with her assessment but didn’t explain herself very well.

No matter Chels, I got what you meant!

Random Thought – Christina is playing for the Asian Female finish which is to say, 6th/5th. Maybe that’s just Shii-Ann, Pei Gee and Edna but certainly feels like a trend.

Are Christina and Alicia in an alliance?

I found it interesting that Alicia goes out of her way to state that she doesn’t trust Christina and they haven’t been close and yet, they keep voting the EXACT SAME WAY each time. Sure they are casting the “what if the idol is played” voted but still, they keep voting the same way.

Since I felt they should have after Episode 1, I am sticking with my theory that they are working together because nobody would suspect them working together.

Alicia especially seems to have a MUCH better grasp on this game than I would have suspected.

Maybe her mean girl schtick was perfect, she was never anybody’s threat, it kept her close to Colton when he had power and now that she’s back with the women, she mostly keeps it under wraps.

Not totally, I guess I shouldn’t call it a schtick since she does seem to be kind of mean, more like putting herself out there as a loud person as a means to make it to the endgame.

Curious that next week we get a preview of Sabrina asking Troyzan what his plan would be and curious that Kim knows she is a target when only Kim and Chelsea know Kim has that idol.

Seems rather smart of Kim to have kept that to herself and Chelso, wouldn’t you say?

What was also hilarious was Troyzan’s plan for the remaining players at the bottom. Logical plan but aptly illustrated why Survivor is such a complex game. If everything were that simple, there would be no stress to the game, every move would be patently obvious.

Maybe the girls WANT an all female F6. Maybe Tarzan was promised he’d stay longer than, say, Christina. Maybe Alicia is content with things because she knows she is a lock for the F3 based on her attitude. You just never know.

What we do know based on recent seasons is that this deep into the game nobody is willing to make a move, everybody basically stick with the numbers because it’s safer than putting yourself out there and ruining your own game.

Cochran flipping on his tribe made for amusing television but anybody watching should have taken the lesson that flipping will still only result in a jury position so why risk it? Sure, maybe they get Kim or Chels or Sabrina next time or maybe not, but things could shake another way and suddenly Christina or Alicia is seen as the “weak link” and this is why these past few seasons have worked out as they have, making moves this late is not as safe as knowing what your numbers are.

Factor in the human delusion factor of “just get me there and something good will happen” and you have the makings of ANOTHER lame Pagonging. Which is fine, it’s Survivor and it happens.

Final Thoughts – after Survivor contestant Shannon Elkins pointed out on the podcast ( that Kim had a mustache going on, I can’t unsee it!

The Power Of The ‘Stache! Yes, Kim’s mustache is the most interesting portion of her gameplay apparently but strategically, she’s had this all wrapped around her finger and it took Troyzan till last episode to figure it out.

Then he goes and tells her he is voting for her. She of the only remaining Hidden Immunity Idol!

Ack. I have no idea what happens all I know is nobody had a great edit this episode and everybody’s game is now suspect, even the Big Three. Troyzan needs to keep working the social game like he did the last portion of this episode. This will benefit him a whole lot more than his useless displays of anger despite the fact he just did the same to other players on his season.

Kim needs to keep her numbers and placate the other women.

Chelsea needs to not stick out quite so much or she is seen as an extension of Kim’s power.

Sabrina needs to not get so wrapped up in the emotions of the game. Maybe even make a move on Chelsea/Kim.

Kat needs to stay the course and work on being a bit nicer if she wants jury votes.

Alicia needs to keep doing what she’s doing. She is in 0 danger over the next couple rounds.

Christina would be wise to make a move but probably won’t but hey, she IS the Survivor Cockroach, the girl who was supposed to go first just made final 8!

Troyzan needs to win Immunity, keep working on people’s Fear and Greed and for the love of God STFU and just play the damn game! To be fair he did manage this once they got back to camp.

Tarzan…is one of the most useless and clueless players ever but hey at least we got the shitstain episode right?

Hoping for a flip in gameplay, not expecting it, probable Pagonging but hey at least I don’t care who wins…right?

Till next week I bid you farewell!

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