Survivor One World Episode 8 Thoughts

I love a good blindside.

I love watching people get played by other people playing on their Fear and Greed.

Thus, I loved this episode!

Any True Fan of this show should have really enjoyed watching Troyzan get played. Sure, Kim isn’t the most inspiring character, she’s very laid back in her approach, but she’s good at it. I’ve called the Chelsea/Kim/Sabrina alliance the Big Three for quite some time and with 10 people left, they still stand as the dominant alliance of this season.

The decision by Kim and Sabrina to feed Troyzan false information about Mike was perfectly planned. Jay had already told Kim days earlier that Mike wasn’t with them, so Kim already knew that Mike was the one they didn’t trust. What really struck me was back at camp, Kat is suggesting Mike go home, Troyzan and Jay are worried about the numbers and yet it never occurs to them that this was a ruse?

This looked particularly bad for Troyzan who should have been the one person questioning why everybody is suddenly gunning for Mike as if Mike had any moves to make.

Perception is everything. Troyzan perceived Mike as unworthy of his trust and it cost Mike his game. Not that Mike had the strongest social game. In fact, that whole sequence in episode one where he steals items from the other tribe pretty deftly foreshadowed how Mike would be taken out, by being perceived as untrustworthy. Mike is one of those guys on Survivor that never really had any power, would probably be cake to beat in the finals because nobody truly liked or trusted him, and yet he is constantly seen as a “threat”, either physically or strategically.

It’s hilarious how last week we’re all wondering “is this Troyzan’s Island” and this week we’re all wondering “can Troyzan really be this naive?” Sure, Troyzan has that extra idol in his pocket and that could make all the difference in the world BUT, it’s still 6-4 women vs. men. Regardless of what happens next episode, the women will still hold a majority. No matter what, it will be either 6-3 women or 5-4 women.

What I found interesting was that Alicia and Christina both voted for Tarzan. Obviously they both knew the vote would be Mike so this seemed to be a nice bit of chicanery, one last attempt to hide the fact the women are fully in control of this game. Alicia and Christina voting together was priceless, I honestly never would have seen this coming. Especially loved how when Jay is sitting there asking them if they wanted to talk, all the ladies in the shelter (Alicia, Chelsea, Christina) all go mute. Has Alicia actually learned to keep her mouth shut? Has she been playing a character this whole time?

At least Alicia did really well in this challenge. Even Probst seemed impressed. But yeah, many games being played, one of the most interesting to me being that Alicia and Christina both got very very lucky Colton was removed from game. Christina because she was next with Colton around, then Alicia when they merged early due to Colton’s removal as the vote had shifted to here.

Now they are 1/3 of a 6 person majority. I said it week one, if these two can forge the Unseen Alliance, they could kick some major ass. Keeping my eye on this.

Jay had an interesting edit this time around. I noted at the end of the episode, when Mike is talking about being voted out and they show who voted for who, that Jay had voted for Mike. So, despite Jay’s reservations that he is outside the loop, that he will be next to go, that the women are in charge, he ultimately goes with his homey Troyzan and votes with his “Salani” alliance.

This is the part of Survivor where you have to kind of guess, read between the lines as to what happened, though I feel certain it was as simple as Jay going to Troyzan and Troy telling him that they needed to vote out Mike. What they SHOULD have asked was “who has the most influence in this game?”

Seems like quite often people playing Survivor forget to ask this most fundamental of questions. Not just “who is strongest in challenges” but the more important “Who Has Influence Over Men And Women”. If I were everybody else in the game besides the Big Three, I’d be suspicious of the Big Three.

This is what the season misses in a player such as Colton, somebody who is playing the game and considering the options. Most of these people are playing half a game or no game at all.

Curious comments by Jay talking about smacking school children. I wasn’t aware that corporal punishment was still legal in the United States but then again I’m not 100% certain South Carolina is really a part of the US so much as some strange land that happens to exist here. Jay illustrates his points visually, showing us how the children should be smacked to learn their lessons. I think I counted about 8 smacks.

Did I mention Jay works with teenagers to get them in shape? Something tells me Jay would be the most terrifying trainer on earth. How many smacks does it take to learn a push up I wonder? Frightening stuff. I wonder if Jay was smacked around in school?

This could explain his ADHD and rampant Adderall addiction one would think. Poor guy must have had many concussions growing up what with all that smacking they do in the South Carolina school system.

Speaking of SC, Chelsea, also from the State of the Racist Rebel Flag, has fake breasts? Girl is what, 24 years old in perfect physical condition, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU NEED A BOOB JOB FOR?

School system child abuse and Boob Jobs at too young and age. South Carolina ladies and gents!

I joke of course. Just a very strange bit of editing for the SC Alliance.

Because there HAS to be a South Carolina Alliance, right?

Nobody will get back to me on this one so I’m sort of guessing here.

Assuming it was Troyzan who clued Jay into the Mike vote but thinking it could also just as well have been Chelsea.

Chelsea did have a moment where I questioned what was going one, where she’s in the shelter talking about voting out Mike in front of Alicia and Christina. That’s what made Jay all sorts of paranoid so again, could it also have been Chelsea who went to Jay and said “that was just for show”?

Another possible alliance worth keeping an eye on though I just cannot see them allowing Jay to make it to the finals.

People still not playing the game: Tarzan and Leif.

Tarzan was almost right in what he was trying to say to Probst, that it’s all bullshit and of course people are nervous that they’re going home, but saying Probst is being played was another ridiculous quote from a ridiculous player. Probst isn’t getting played, he’ll be here next Tribal Council and the one after that. He’ll be here next season and the one after that. No, Tarzan, Probst doesn’t get played he just watches all the players play eachother.

Last week Tarzan was shown with shitstains, this week he apparently has a new set of shorts to wear. Thank the Gods!

This week he is disassembling the shelter so he can chop firewood and then being overly confrontational with Chelsea, telling Probst he’s getting played and strangely was not picked for the challenge in a school yard pick ‘em. It was fairly awesome that they did’t do what they usually do and let the person not chosen share in the reward.

At least we know Tarzan is there for our amusement because he sure as shit isn’t playing Survivor.

Speaking of not playing, has Leif ever EVER voted with the majority? Ever? Yes yes I know he has at least once but dear god it seems every time there is a vote Leif is on the wrong side of that particular vote. Here he is again voting wrong, this time for Christine. How can somebody so bad at Survivor continue to be playing Survivor? Maybe they don’t see Leif as a threat, maybe they know they can take him out at any point, but a guy that out of the loop will likely do anything to get in the loop. Say it’s F7 and the girls say “vote with us Leif you stay another day” you don’t think he would? I sure do.

Meaning Leif’s days should be numbered, right? Tarzan is a loose cannon unlikely to win if he sits on jury. Troyzan holds the idol and is in a decent alliance for now. Jay is also in this alliance, leaving Tarzan and Leif as the sole outsiders amongst the men. I’ll laugh if Leif makes it past F9 while playing the worst game I may have ever seen.

Listen, I’m certain Leif is a great guy but I’m not watching Great Guys of Television, I’m watching Survivor. He’s a terrible Survivor player!

The middling players to me would be Alicia, Christina, Kat and to a degree Jay. Not that Jay is playing a bad game of course. In fact at least Jay has his wits about him. He rolled up on the guys way back when and got in with them vs his alliance with Matt and he gets nervous about the vote correctly surmising that if Mike goes, he could very well be next.

So while Jay isn’t in a power position, he’s playing the game.

Also, note his quote: Slow And Steady Wins The Race. In a season where there have been quite a few possible winner’s quotes, lets add this one to the list, though I cannot get over the fact that Jay was tweeting about having haters and if he won Survivor why would he care? Sophie had haters and never addressed this till post season. I mean really, why worry if you won right? In this age of social media, it isn’t just reading between the lines of the editing it’s now that added extra layer of twitter and facebook, as if this wasn’t already mind numbing enough to try and figure out!

Troyzan, who owned the Island Nation of Samoa just a few days back, was made to look the fool. There are no two ways about this, he absolutely got the “you got played” edit this episode and it was REALLY well done by editorial! Kim blows it up to Troyzan that Mike is plotting against him (even though Kim is lying, beautifully I may add), then they show a very animated, emotional, wound up Troyzan going off about Mike when he should have been wondering why they came back from the challenge saying the same name Kat was JUST pushing.

Kat pushing for Mike wasn’t a bad idea, at least she’s in the game and focused. Certainly in a good position with her alliance as well, as she is both with the girls and with Salani, nominally. I wonder if Kat is going to have an even bigger edit down the road where she continues to learn and actually makes some moves or is this it? Hard to say at this juncture, it just seems like there are much better players in the game than her in her own alliance.

Those being Sabrina and Kim.

Okay, so Kim gets the good edit every single week. Literally, every.single.week. Is this too much of a good thing? Can this really be true? Can she really run 2 alliances, hold and idol, take out every single possible threat and win Survivor?

I don’t know but what I do know is we don’t see nearly enough of Sabrina, and this could be a VERY good thing. Mind you, I have loved Sabrina since day one episode one. Sure, that was mainly because she is a fellow New Yorker but it was also the fact that she found that idol and gave it to Colton, that she was nominated leader of her tribe and never faltered. Now here she is correctly surmising that the should get rid of Mike next, cementing the Big Three Alliance, letting the chips fall where they may with Kim being the one to BS Troyzan. Then, in the end, her wish again comes true and Mike is gone.

I cannot shake the feeling that they get to Sabrina before the finals but dammit, a man can hope. We’re down to 10 so this is looking pretty damn good for her to at least make it to F5/F4. If so she will have been a really good Survivor player. F3, she is damn good, but F3 means she could also just out and out win.

Sure hoping this happens.

The main focus here was the Troyzan hustle/Mike blindside. Mike being that confident was awesome because we all love a great blindside. Now hopefully Mike shaves and never EVER grows his beard out again!

So next week will Troyzan make a move? Will the men try to usurp the women? Will Troyzan play his idol and will it even matter either way? Shaping up to be an interesting but not GREAT finish to this season but still very fun. That said, we could still have a couple more blindsides to come. With 2 idols in play this almost has to happen, right?

Well maybe not, half these players aren’t that great so it is highly possible that the two people with idols end up in the finals. Who knows? Not me and that’s why I watch. Well, actually that’s a lie, I watched Heroes vs Villains despite the fact Russell Hantz spoiled the season and I knew the F3 was Sandra/Parvati/Russell when there were still 12 or so people left in that season. Yet I still watched.

I watch because it’s a great fucking show!

Thank you all for reading, I’m glad you enjoy me sharing my thoughts.

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